About BJJBet

For the love of Jiu-Jitsu and the will to raise the level of the competitions: those two points were fundamental for BJJBET to be born. Considered one of the biggest super fight events in the world, BJJBET brings the ambitious proposal to innovate: from the card format, the rules, selection of fights, to the way the fans interact with the fights. All so that we can provide a great show for sport lovers thus bringing a first level structure, exciting cards formed by rising and renowned athletes also legends of the sport.

We want to listen and give voice to the wishes of all fans and athletes, disseminate and raise the level of the sport around the world. A new era is forming and with it new opportunities, ideas and opinions.

We believe that the love of sport and the union of good people always wins and we understand that the future of sport is in the hands of us all.

BJJBET®️ is a worldwide fight organization, provider of live events and pay-per-view.